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Drawing. A Mental Meander on the Word “Drawing”

Drawing and Quartering.

Hah!  Bet you thought it ought to be “drawn and quartered”, and you’d be right.  However, it didn’t quite fit with this discussion on drawing and I don’t intend to draw and quarter anybody.

I have been thinking all day about what to say about my watercolor drawing of the neighbor’s big plum tree.  I like the tree, you could say I was drawn to it.   It produces shade and color for the neighborhood.  Not very deep, though I must say it gives me joy to see it in its colorful glory.

Drawing Series?

Then, I thought, here’s another drawing of awnings and lamp posts.  Do you suppose I ought to draw a series of awnings and lamp posts?  If I do many drawings of the neighborhood, I just might.    Umm, truthful, but still not a deep discussion.

Watercolor Drawing, DrawingWhy Draw?

Why did I draw it?  At the time of day I set to work, I liked the light and dark pattern.  The dark of the tree contrasted with the sunlight on the home next to it.  I was thinking that light gives people great joy and I like painting joy.

Again, Why Draw?

Why draw?  I starting thinking about a new blog I found and her discussion on drawing.  The blog is by artist Anne Brooke, who happens to be an Oregon artist and doesn’t live too far from me, though we’ve never met.  Her first blog post was titled “Why Draw”, and she goes on to mention that drawing is a perishable skill.  I’m inspired to draw daily so I can keep my skills up.

And, that is in part why I am drawing awnings, lamp posts, trees and other things around my neighborhood and house.  Its how I’m getting to know my neighbors.  For one thing, when I’m outside drawing, eventually someone stops by and we chat a minute or two.  Its a good thing, getting to know ones neighbors.

Drawing Skills

Another thing I firmly believe in is that if I emerge myself totally in drawing and watercolor paintings, I will “get better”, see things I hadn’t seen before; figure out new things to do with paint.  I learn, in other words, I learn.  I thrive on learning.

When I was first embarking on my art journey and thinking of a career, I said my goal was to learn to see like an artist.  And, that is why I draw everyday, including watercolor drawings of plum trees.  I am learning and seeing.

Drawn, But Not Deep

Its 90 degrees today, so I’m not drawn to deep subjects.  My mind just wants to free associate.  I just want to draw.

Thank you; I enjoyed this moment of mental meander about drawing and why I do it.  How about you?  Do you draw?  Do you mental meander?









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