Back In Oregon: Study of A Wine Stopper

2021 And We Are Back In Oregon!

Hello!  Happy 2021!

I had not realized that I have been gone so long!  So, I send you my deepest apologies!

And, I am sitting here, having recently finished a cup of espresso, wondering where I have been.  That is, what has kept me away from this blog?

Back In Oregon: Study, Just A Festive Cup; watercolor


January: Class.

You see, the year started out just fine.  I was pre-occupied, to be sure, with the class I was taking through the Art Students League.  To elaborate, Mr. Michael Burban was the instructor for the class which was titled “Elements of Figure Drawing and Anatomy for Artists”.  We met for class twice a week with each session lasting two hours.  Naturally, Michael gave us work to do at home if we so desired.  And, I must say, Mr. Burban was an excellent and supportive instructor.  I thoroughly enjoyed the class.

February: Surprise!

Then, early February my husband and I were hit with a big surprise.  It seems our landlord decided to sell the house that was our home.  Which means, we received a notice to vacate in 60 days.  I can assure you, the news that we had to move was not welcome.  After all, we were (and are) in the midst of a pandemic.  Suffice to say, we had qualms about the idea of looking for housing and, simultaneously, having realtors showing our house.

Sadly, I gave up my class with Mr. Burban and the Art Students League.

February & March: Find House & Move.

But, what can you do?  Well, for us, the best answer turned out to be getting down to the business of finding a new house and moving our personal property.  As expected, it was challenging searching for housing in the current market.  In the end, though, we found a nice place to live in Lebanon, OR. Back In Oregon: A View of Part of the Studio

April: New Home.

So, we spent these first two weeks in April getting situated here in Lebanon.  The good news is that I have set up my study and it is ready for work.

The Artwork.

With that, I would like to share with you some of my recent studies.  To explain, when I was in Mr. Burban’s class, I was reminded about the challenges presented by perspective.  Take for instance, a simple item like a wine stopper.  Draw it from different views and see how perspective changes the shapes.  So, that’s what I have been doing.

And, I’m also including one of my espresso cup studies.  I like to experiment with different backgrounds.

Final Words.

Oh!  By the way, my year is still fine.

And, to explain the title, my husband and I have lived in Oregon before.  Most recently, we moved from Talent, OR in 2019, to Washington state.


Back In Oregon: Several studies of a wine stopper

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