Reflections: Drawing of Frothing Pitcher

Painting Reflections: Milk Frothing Pitcher (Days 28 – 30) #stradaeasel Challenge

Reflections Are New.

That is to say drawing and painting reflections is something new for me!


Greetings!  I’d like to share with you my last three pieces for the #stradaeasel January Drawing and Painting from Life Challenge.  

What I’d like to talk about is drawing and painting reflections.  You see, I do not routinely draw reflections.  As a matter of fact, it would be more accurate to say that I rarely draw reflections.  

Reflections: Drawing of Frothing Pitcher
Day 28, #stradaeasel challenge.

Time To Step Up And Do Reflections.

So, it was with a bit of trepidation that I pulled out the metal milk frothing pitcher and placed it on my still life set up.  To explain, one of the goals of participating in this challenge was to stretch my capabilities.  I did not have big ambitions or dreams; I just wanted to test myself and see what I can accomplish.

Drawing First.

Being uncertain how to begin, I took out a piece of trusty sketching paper and my pencils.  I find its always a good idea to draw, especially if you feel uncertain or shy about a subject.

Reflections: milk frothing pitcher v1
Day 29, #stradaeasel challenge.

Just Paint!

Still, after the drawing, I was not sure I was up to the task.  Where to begin? Best just dive in!

One thing I like about acrylic is that it is a forgiving medium.  That is to say I can paint light over dark or dark over light pretty much at will.  So, one is allowed to search, experiment, push and pull the painting into shape.

And, to my surprise and delight, the shapes of the frothing pitcher emerge.  That is to say, drawing and painting reflections is fun!


Naturally, I need to do this subject multiple times in order to feel comfortable.  So, here are the drawing and paintings.  

A note about the multiples.  You’ll no doubt notice that I’ve changed the position of the pitcher a little bit.  Plus, I changed my palette.  As mentioned earlier, its about stretching one’s capabilities!

Reflections: Milk Frothing Pitcher V2
Day 30, #stradaeasel challenge.

Regarding the Strada Easel Challenge.

January 31st is the final day of the challenge.  For me, that means one more day to go!  I plan to have for you a collage of the full 31 day collection of artwork.  Its been fun!



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