Art Show Preparation - Subterranean Blues

Art Show Preparation & Subterranean Blues

Art Show Prep

I’ve been working on preparing myself for an art show.  I’m showing at the Deschutes Gallery of the Rogue Valley Manor’s Plaza Building.  This is in Medford, OR.  I will deliver paintings on the end of the month, ready to show!  The works will be on display through the month of July.

Art Show Preparation - Subterranean Blues
Artist’s Inventory No 243
10.5 x 14
Watercolor and Acrylic on Arches 140lb Cold Press Festive Abstracts Series

I am to have about 25 paintings prepared to hang.  This is going to be the largest single showing of my work to date.  I find this both exciting and intimidating.  I always feel vulnerable about seeing my art out and about.  A bit of my soul is exposed – which is good!

I am also required to give a small talk about my work and myself.  I do know how to prepare, and I have an excellent coach – my husband.  The main issue – getting over procrastination, anxiety, and the usual things.  I will; I always do and end up having a grand time.

The Audience?

They’re sophisticated.  The Rogue Valley Manor is a retirement community.  Their residents come from many walks of life.  Their life experiences are varied.  Many of the residents are artists themselves or have been around the arts.  I need to be on my “A” game.

Don’t we always?  🙂


So, what have I been doing to prepare?  Here’s some of my tasks:

  • Check framing – is it clean and ready to go?
  • Check the size of the frames – will I have enough for the room?
  • Prepare the inventory – I need to have a record of what will be shown.  Plus, the inventory is the source document for the title cards and price list.
  • Oh, curating the show – choosing which paintings will hang.  What story will they tell?
  • Write my talk; practice, edit, re-write.
  • Practice.

One fun tool I’m using is the “photo booth” of my computer.  I can film myself speaking.  Oh, nothing so intimidating as seeing one talk.  Its the mannerism that can distract.


  • Inventory is about at the 75% level
  • Writing my talk – first draft 50%
  • Practice – I’ve tested talking and being filmed.  I’d maybe give myself a 25%
  • Paintings – Tracking.  I have enough framed.  I can always add a couple more.  I’d give myself a 50 to 75%

Today’s Painting

Oddly enough, this is one of the paintings on the “alternate” list.  It is one of my husband’s favorite paintings.  It is in line for being part of our permanent collection.

Oh, yes, and my husband likes early Bob Dylan.

I used both watercolor and acrylic in this painting.  This is the “artist statement” I wrote upon completing the painting:

“Sometimes compositions develop from a simple doodle, as is the case with this painting. I was experimenting with shapes and liked what I saw.  It made me think of something reaching down deep into the earth, perhaps roots of an old tree or plant.  Or, maybe itís a metaphor for my roots and links to the past.”

Now What?

My priority of work: Documentation, painting preparation, talk rehearsal.

Back to work!  🙂  Thank you and enjoy!


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