Drawing - Three Coffee Cups

Thoughts on Drawing

Drawing Skills

I have been working on my drawing skills.  Hmmm, seems like I say that often.  Do we ever quit?  I hope not.

Drawing - Three Coffee Cups
Graphite on sketch paper
May 2015

Goal – See and Draw As An Artist

I have also been working on an upcoming show.  As I prepare paintings and look at my inventory, I reflect on what my artistic goals have been.  In 2002, the year I started focusing on making art, I set as one of my goals “to see and draw as an artist”.  As you might imagine, this could well be a life goal.

I thought I’d share a couple of my latest iterations.  My recent personal challenge is to pay more attention to drawing the structure or form of what I see.  I want to get the ovals of the cups right.  I want to understand and see how light falls on the objects.  I want to see and feel how to create depth.  It is fascinating.

Life Drawing At The Art Student’s League

I thought I’d share a  blog post that I found interesting.

The blog post is “Life Drawing in the Early Years of The Art Student’s League”.   My father attended the League in the late 1940s and early 1950s.  Thanks to the GI Bill, my father was one of the cohort of students to attend and study after World War II.

This particular article goes back to the beginning of the League.  As a daughter of an artist, and art student, I find the history fascinating.

I’d like to share some notes from the article that stick in my brain:

  • When women were first allowed to study at the League, they had to study in separate class rooms from the men.  Can you imagine trying such a separation today?
  • I am impressed with the rigor of the class room instruction, especially the life drawing.
  • Its interesting that early on there was an emphasis on drawing from casts.  That particular type of study waned during the 20th century, but is back in favor.
  • Life drawing has long been the center of study.

As I draw in my home studio, I do not have plaster casts or live models.  But, I do have coffee cups, cigar boxes and candle holders.

Its all good.

Please enjoy!

Drawing - Two Cups and A Candle Holder
Graphite on sketch paper
May 2015

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