first of three cats: "Kitty kit.."

Three Cats

Cats are one of my favorite subjects. I think it most appropriate that I start of my "FB Art Challenge" with some kitties.

first of three cats: "Kitty kit.."

I was tagged to do the challenge by artist and friend Myrna Wacknov.  The challenge is to post three paintings per day for five days.  I get to tag other artists each day.

I think it will be fun curating a micro show every day, going through my various collections.

Today's watercolor paintings are from my "kittykitty" series which features a cat.  The cat was my Aunt Mary's cat.  She was a quiet, elegant being who liked to lie around with an air of deep knowledge.  Or, perhaps she was just a cat staring out into space.


"Kitty Kit…" my new painting is unusual in that I added text.  I wanted to imply that the cat is being called by someone off painting.  The cat is sitting on a pillow, comfortable and will move if and when she desires.

Cats two: Groovy Kitty



Cats Three: Seriously KittyKitty






The "KittyKitty" painting series has done well for me.  Both "Groovy Kitty" and "Seriously KittyKitty" have been accepted into juried exhibitions.   Just as important, the series became a good vehicle to study design and style.

I have done at least 30 paintings or watercolor studies.  They're fun!








More soon!


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