Bunny on two boxes

Greetings! Christmas Bunny on a Box or Two

…Christmas Bunny?

Just a little holiday greeting!  To all my friends, I hope you have a wonderful, peaceful holiday.

I’d like to share a couple of watercolor cards I created for my Mom and Aunt Mary.  Why a bunny?  It just popped in my head…sort of the Christmas Bunny of Happiness.

Christmas Bunny ©M Stermer-CoxI was thinking that my little Christmas rabbit was about as real as elves, don’t you think?  Maybe the elves have bunny friends.

Perhaps the Easter Bunny needed to evolve or try a new direction.  Do you suppose it’ll be back in time for Easter?

About the Rabbit

My model is a “netsuke” replica.  Netsuke are Japanese miniature sculptures.   They were originally designed to be used as fastener or toggle.  Apparently, some were so ornately carved that they have become works of art.


I collected this small rabbit in Berlin, GE.  My husband and I were there in the 1990’s and visited one of the museums.  Though I did pick up an art book in the gift shop, I was also taken by this small figure.  The rabBunny on two boxesbit is about an inch tall.





Oddly enough, I have been to Japan.  I went to Sendai, Japan, in 1990.  I have some souvenirs from that visit that I treasure, though none of them art “netsuke”.   I’ll save them for a later date.

Merry Christmas

May the Red Christmas Bunny of Happiness come your way.


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