Cubism Influence Example: "Just Sayin'...V8b" by Margaret Stermer-Cox

CWA Catalog Cover

I’ve Always Wanted…

Wouldn’t it be fun to one of your paintings on the cover of an exhibition catalog?  It has been one of my secret desires to have a painting selected for use on a show catalog cover or post card.  Well, it has happened!  I am so excited and honored.  

"Just Sayin'...V8b" by Margaret Stermer-Cox

To Be On the Catalog Cover

The California Watercolor Association (CWA) will use my painting “Just Sayin’…V8b” as their cover art for the upcoming  45th Annual National Exhibition at the Harrington Gallery Firehouse Arts Center in Pleasanton, CA.

Ruth, my contact with the California Watercolor Association was wondering what the “V8b” meant.  When I told her it was my numbering system for multiple paintings in a series; kinda dull don’t you think?

Would Your Rather Have A…?

You can imagine, that “V8b” conjured up images of a certain beverage, perhaps even a certain beverage spiked!  Does that make the title “Just Sayin’…V8B” more interesting?  Or amusing?

Feeling Honored!

Thank you Ruth and the California Watercolor Association for selecting my painting.  I am honored!  I feel like I have already earned two awards – one for getting into the show; two for being on the cover!



4 thoughts on “CWA Catalog Cover”

  1. This is just so excellent and so well deserved. Congrats! I wish now that I’d known about the show and entered just so I’d get the catalog!! Gonna havta do this two years in a row, Margaret!

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