Jupiter Cafe, Talent OR

Jupiter Cafe – Drawing Talent

Greetings!  Yesterday was such a nice fall day here in Talent, Oregon, that I had to go out and draw something.  In the afternoon, I gathered up my gear and out I went.

Naturally, when you’re out looking for a place to draw, it helps to have interesting lighting.  As I was walking down Talent Avenue, I spied the “Jupiter Cafe”.  The sun shown on the muted green paint out front and I had my place.

Jupiter Cafe, Talent OR

Jupiter Cafe is a small organic food and juice place.  I was looking at their website and they have quite the interesting menu.

I run by the building whenever I go downtown.  It has a happy, easy going feel that I like.  I sometimes see the owners; they’re always ready with a greeting or a wave.  In the summer time, they set up tables and a grill outside.

Oddly enough, the cafe is next door to the place that started this series, “Funky Fashions”.  You can see just a bit of “Jupiter Cafe” in the first painting.

What really caught my eye was the arrangement of the red chairs against the backdrop of the muted green building.  Some of the chairs were askew in a casual way.  Fun!

I don’t know how many more of these I’ll be able to do before the weather turns cold!  I was happy to take the opportunity yesterday.  Enjoy!

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