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My husband Robert (webmaster, database manager, and co-marketing director) and I are getting ready for our big camping trip.  We are going to travel from our home in Oregon east across the country.  We will be doing an on-line journal at our website “The Gallivanters” (now “On The Road Again With Robert & Peggy”).   The Gallivanters lists our itinerary and routing.  

We are looking forward to traveling back east, seeing family and friends.

Drawing of Truck with Camper by Margaret Stermer-Cox

Sponsor:  All Terrain Campers

Our trip will be sponsored by “All Terrain Campers” manufacturer of our traveling abode, their model “Bobcat” .  All Terrain Campers are based in Sacramento, CA.

Update:  Click on “Bobcat” for a drawing of our Bobcat at the All Terrain Camper factory.


While we don’t plan on leaving for a couple of months, preparations have been in the works.  Yesterday, we had a back-up camera installed on our truck for example.

For me, preparation means drawing, drawing and drawing.  I’ve been thinking through what drawing and watercolor painting materials I’ll be taking and how I want them to be arranged.  I need to keep my kit lightweight and convenient.

The hard part?  Keeping things simple; I have a habit of wanting to take all of my favorite tools with me.  The best strategy is to take what I need and will use.

More Soon!

I plan on posting more about our trip.  In the meantime, I’m including a drawing I did of our truck with its camper last summer.  We were camping in the Olympic Forest of northwest Washington State, our inaugural trip.  The camper is extended for camping mode; the top drops down for travel mode.

I invite you to watch for more about our trip soon!

4 thoughts on “Art Across America”

    1. Hi Shy Artist! Thank you! It will be fun to share the adventure. I am not a practiced landscape painter, but I figured its time to go for it. Plus, I imagine there will be other fun things to draw and paint. I appreciate the comment and we do hope for a safe journey.

    1. Hi Ruth, “Butt time” is why we will take a long trip. Hopefully, we won’t spend long hours per day on the road. So much to see and do! Its been about 20 years since we did drove coast to coast and its time to do it again. We did it once in a VW bug, though we stayed in motels. It was fun. Hmmmm, we were younger then too! Thank you for the comment!

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