New Painting in “Just Sayin’…” Series: “Hang Up & Pet Me”

Just Sayin’… 
Finished New Painting

I have finished my fourth painting in my “Just Sayin’…” series.  The series is inspired by our cell phone culture.  In this particular version, a person is talking on the cell phone while her kitty waits patiently close by.  Naturally, the kitty wishes the person would hang up the phone and pet her.  I am amused and inspired by cats watching people talking on phones.  Its as if the cat wants to join in on the conversation, and often they do.

Hang Up & Pet Me


Just Sayin’… A Series

One of my favorite things to do is work in a series. I’d like to tell you why.  I’m a bit hard headed and it took me awhile to understand why artists work in series.   A good series lets the me explore a subject in depth.  It enables me to put good ideas into more than one painting.


Just Sayin’… Too Much Jewelry

Think of it this way.  I have a drawer full of jewelry, including several rings, necklaces and bracelets.  I could try to wear all of them at once, which, given my small stature, would be overwhelming and garish.  But, if I’m selective in my choices, the jewelry enhances rather than detracts from my dress.


Just Sayin’… Inspiration

Back to my series.  As I mentioned above, this series is inspired by our cell phone culture.  While sitting in my chair with pencil and paper, I imagine a scene or situation.  Sometimes ideas just pop in my head, other times I have to work at it.  The cat came to me after talking on the phone to one of my sisters.  Her cat was in the background joining in the conversation.  All I had to do afterward was build a narrative and add context.  And paint!


Just Sayin’… Color Choices

Another advantage to working in a series is that I can experiment in how color effects mood.  When I was drawing, I knew I wanted to paint a somewhat subdued pallet with a golden color.  I wanted the effect of perhaps a lazy afternoon.  Imagine what this might have looked like if the colors were excitable, perhaps bright reds and oranges.  We would be right there with the cat wondering what was being said.  And, the colors wouldn’t match the expression.  Subtle changes can be effective.


I have not decided if I’m done with this series.  I imagine I’ll come back to it periodically.


Just Sayin’… Collectors

The painting is for sale, (just sayin’…)  I invite collectors to contact me for more information!


Just Sayin’…

This is my way of having fun with an annoying phrase.  Maybe next time you hear “Just Sayin’…” you’ll think of my painting.  Wouldn’t that me fun?

PS:  This post was published a couple of days ago.  But, my blog crashed so I’m re-posting.

Thank you.

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    1. Hi Ruth! Thank your for leaving a comment. I was happy that we only had four posts. I’ve been writing the posts off line so it was easy to re-construct. Oh well. 🙂 Thank you for bookmarking my blog!

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