Home Before The Adventure

Watercolor Sketch, Kitchen,

Every good trip starts at home.  

We’re getting ready for our big Adventure 2014.   Things are packed, more or less.  The camper’s ready.  We’re winding down to the last minute things.

Arrangements have been made.  We’re beginning to chomp at the proverbial bit.

World War II Memorial, Talent OR

World War II Memorial; Talent OR

My Memorial Day 2014 Story.

Where are the memorials in your town?  What is your Memorial Day story?

Talent’s World War II Memorial

I pass by the memorial to World War II service members several days a week.  It is on one of my morning running routes.  It has names of 10 individuals.  The names are familiar, but not familiar.  They’re names like you might see anywhere in our country.  But, I don’t know the individuals or their families.

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