I am thrilled to say that my watercolor painting "Three Minute Egg #14 - Blue Espresso Cup" was juried into the California Watercolor Association's (CWA) 51st National Exhibition. The Juror of Selection was Mr. Frank Webb.  There were 650 entries and the Juror selected 97 paintings for the show.

Artists and their paintings.
Display of entries.

Value Studies – Why And How I Create Them

Coffee Break Value Study One ©M Stermer-Cox

November is Value Study Month

Earlier this month, I declared November to be “Value Study” month.  And, yet, I haven’t posted many studies.   Time for me to fix this problem!  By the way, do you create value studies?


Value studies help me analyze and develop my designs.  Its like creating a visual road map prior to paint hitting the paper.  By doing this step, I am more likely to create a watercolor painting that I love.

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