No 264 Spice Kitty SCx

Spice Kitty

I’m starting to get ready for an art show this summer.  My intention is to feature some of my kitty and toy pony paintings.  I’m going through my inventory and selecting some for framing.  I thought I might select a few and start sharing them, regardless of whether they end up in the show.


What is particularly fun is looking at paintings I’ve put away and almost forgotten about.  I did so many different variations of “KittyKitty” that they almost blend into one.  As I re-look at them, I am delighted by the shapes and colors.  I keep thinking, hmmmm, I did this painting?  🙂

No 264 Spice Kitty SCx
264 Spice Kitty 14×10 Watercolor and Fluid Acrylic Mixed Watermedia on Arches 140lb Cold Press KittyKitty
Please meet “Spice Kitty”, design 33 of my “KittyKitty” series. I have a real world kitty buddy I call “Spice”. We visit each other on my morning exercise route. She often comes out to greet me and ask for pets. Then she swats my hand. I can’t quite figure out this behavior. Spice is sweet, but there is some feline feistiness in her. I used the angles to depict her somewhat prickly demeanor.

“Spice Kitty” is one in the series of paintings in my “MsKitty” collection.

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    1. Hi Ruth! I thought I’d answered your comment; my apologies! I’m glad you enjoyed “Spice Kitty”. Isn’t it interesting how such design elements as color and line (angles/curves), effect meaning? Thank you for stopping by!

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