Travel Sketches: Truck With Coolers

Sketches: Watercolor And iPad From Our Road Trip 2017

Travel Sketches

Hi!  As promised, its time to post travel sketches from our July 2017 trips.  
Travel Sketches: Truck With Coolers

I have wanted to share with you my sketches from our recent trip down to New Mexico and back. As I look at my travel sketches, though, I see they are mainly filled with subjects like picnic tables, tree trunks, water bottles and that sort of thing. What I end up doing when we travel is drawing and painting subjects around the campsite.  Even so, I think I’ll share them anyway.

Travel Sketches: Laufman CG, near Milford CA

No Big Scene Sketches

I don’t draw or paint the big grand scene and I have been wondering why. Perhaps, I might say, it is because everyone else does the grand scene. But, more likely, it is because I’m busy being a tourist and looking at things.

Travel Sketches: To Hickison Petroglyph CG

Our Routine

Here’s what happens.  In the morning we go out and look at things while the air is cool.  This means that there is usually a lot of walking and driving.  Then, in the afternoon when my husband and I are back relaxing at the campground, I pull out my watercolors or iPAD and start to work. And, as mentioned before, I seem to resist the grand landscape and focus on the smaller things around me.

Travel Sketches: Watercolor Bottle

Consider The Water Bottle

But, maybe this is a good thing. The lowly water bottle is pretty important to successful camping, especially in the summer when temperatures climb to the 90s and 100s plus (degrees Fahrenheit). Have you ever studied your water bottle? It is not so easy to draw; it has lots of bumps, curves and interesting shapes. And if that water bottle is shiny, then you have even more shapes to look at and consider while drawing.

Our Route East


Sketches: The Road Trip Map

So, lets go back to our trip from southern Oregon to Albuquerque NM, the subject of this posting. Our route was southeasterly. We went through California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, back to Utah, then down to New Mexico.   We stopped at Telluride for the “Ride Music Festival”. Then, proceeded to Mesa Verde National Park (Colorado); Hovenweep National Monument (Utah); Aztec National Monument (New Mexico) and then Chaco Canyon National Historical Park, (New Mexico).

Travel Sketch: Picnic Table, Hovenweep

These last four stops were all about the great Ancestral Pueblo migration. The dwellings and history are just fascinating!  I came away with a sense of awe and wondered, what are my personal symbols?  I haven’t figure out an answer yet; maybe they reveal themselves as I continue to draw and paint.

Travel Sketch: Alcove House

Family And Tedeschi Trucks Band

After being a tourist, we went on in to Albuquerque, NM, to visit family and see the Tedeschi Trucks Band in concert. It was a wonderful visit and musical event.

OK, that was just way to lukewarm.  I love my family and its great visiting them. And, I find the Tedeschi Trucks Band to be EXCITING to watch perform live.  It was such a fun, positive experience!

Heading West

Eventually, we had to return home to Oregon so we headed back west.  First stop was Homolovi State Park in Arizona, another Ancestral Pueblo site.   It is near Winslow, a major railroad hub. So many trains! And, naturally, Winslow is referred to in the lyrics of the Eagles song, “Take It Easy”.  Oh, we didn’t see any flatbed Fords.

Travel Sketches: Juniper Hovenweep

After Homolovi, we drove to Las Vegas NV, Fallon NV then home. Outside the temperatures were rising and we needed to get back to our garden and southern Oregon…only to be greeted by more heat.

In Summary: Sketches of the Small Stuff

So, what you are seeing here are drawings and watercolor studies of things around the campground. Picnic tables offer interesting challenges in perspective. And, tree trunks are marvels of organic form, besides beautiful and gnarly.  As stated before, I can’t resist the opportunity to draw water bottle.

More From Our Trip At Travel Website

Note:  The links to The Ride Music Festival and Tedeschi Trucks Band (first link; second is to their site) are two our sister website On The Road Again, The Travels of The Stermer-Cox’s.  My husband Robert is the webmaster and author of the articles.  He offers a different perspective altogether, happily!  I invite you to click on the links and check out our other website.

How was your summer?  Do you like doing sketches when you travel?  And, are you attracted to the big or small scene, or perhaps both?

Travel Sketches: Space 30 Hovenweep



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