Irish Breakfast Tea

Irish Breakfast Tea: Rogue Gallery & Art Center


I’m happy to say my painting Irish Breakfast Tea is currently on display at the Rogue Gallery & Art Center, Medford OR, for their Celtic Celebration.  This painting is one of four that I have showing at the gallery.  My other three paintings are from my Still Life With Toy Pony collection and I’ll share them with you below.

Irish Breakfast Tea

First, The Celtic Celebration.

Art Show.  I’d like to highlight that the Rogue Gallery’s special Celtic inspired art show went on display March 9th, and will run through March 18th.  This special show features works by local artists using a variety of media, from acrylic, collage, oil, gouache, mixed media, photography, and (my favorite) watercolor.

Celebration.  The art show is part of the Gallery’s Celtic Celebration which culminates in a special fun filled evening, including singing (!) on, you guessed it, St Patrick’s Day.  By the way, if you’re local, they are having a singing contest, so go for it!

Celebration Time.  This unique celebration takes place on March 17th from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.  For more information, and they do have more information, please see their website.  Lets see…art, music, food, friends, what could be better?

Business Hours.  The Rogue Gallery and Art Center is located at 40 S. Barlett St. in Medford, OR.  Their hours are as follows:

10am – 5pm, Tuesday – Friday
11am – 3pm, Saturday
5pm – 8pm, every third Friday

Thank You.  Here’s an extra special personal THANKS to the Rogue Gallery and Art Center.  They have selected the image of Irish Breakfast Tea to use for their publicity.  Its a thrill to see my painting used as the gallery’s post card!  Thanks!

Artists.  I’d like to share with you the list of participating local artists.  They are Jennifer Bagwell, Rachel Barrett, Lynette Elita, Christina Cannon, Ashley E. Clasby, Carol Cochran, Suzanne Etienne, Joyce Feigner, Cynthia Flowers, Kim Hearon, Mary Hoskins, Jennifer Ivey, Mary Ann Macey, Claudia Marchini, Anna May, Susan Murphey, Richard Newman, Jody Palzer, Terri Regotti, Patrick Ryan, Red Thompson, Greg Thweatt, Doug Wallace, Karen Wallace and yours truly.

On a personal note, I think we are fortunate to have such a wonderful gallery in our community.


I am thrilled to say that “Irish Breakfast Tea” won two awards:  People’s Choice and Staff Pick.  The Gallery selected my painting to announce the Celtic Celebration in the local newspaper.  I am so pleased!  Thank you!

Still Life With Toy Pony

Then, About Irish Breakfast Tea.

Impetus & Inspiration.  I think it is appropriate that the impetus for creating this painting happened to be the gallery’s “Celtic Celebration”.  Though, I must admit, intention was to show this last year…but life happened and its this year instead.  To explain, I had been toying with including symbols from different cultures in my artwork and the Celtic Celebration gave me the motivation to get my ideas down on paper.

The Tea Cup.  Regarding the image, the tea cup is one that my Mother gifted to me.  This happened to be one of my Father’s favorite cups, though he used if for coffee not tea.  It is green, white and gold.  Using shamrocks as decorative trim seemed natural and appropriate.  I remember in grade school wearing the green leaf, or class made versions, on St. Patrick’s day.  Since then, I’ve associated the shamrock with Ireland.

Still Life With Toy Pony

Celtic Knots.  Wanting to include more Celtic symbology, I added my favorite Celtic knots.  By doing a search on the internet, I learned how to draw a Celtic knot.  Perhaps out of curiosity, I wanted to know how to draw my own design rather than trace or stencil the knots.

Triple Spiral.  Adding a triple spiral, also known as a triskele, was natural; I love spirals.  The triple spiral alludes to our spiritual nature.  I liked the shape and found a nice place for it on the end of the tea bag.

The Title: Irish Breakfast Tea.  I’d like to share with you the inspiration for the title.  It was another gift from my Mom.  She once sent me a sample of loose leaf tea and I found the Irish Breakfast Tea to be particularly pleasing.  So, even though the title might seem obvious, it has special meaning to me.  Plus, I think it just sounds good!

Still Life With Toy Pony

Still Life With Toy Pony At The Rogue Gallery

I’d like to highlight that I have other watercolor paintings showing at the Rogue Gallery and Art Center.  You may see three versions of Still Life With Toy Pony in the member’s portion of the gallery through the end of April.

I recently talked memory drawing with examples from the Still Life With Toy Pony.  I’d like to refer you to this blog post to see more about Toy Pony.



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