Taking Advantage of Opportunity

Opportunity to Show Art

Opportunity Knocked.

I had a short notice opportunity to hang paintings in a new venue and I was able to respond in a timely manner.  It has taken me time and effort to get myself to the point where I can respond quickly.  I’m thrilled; I’m taking a moment to share my success!

Art Show.

Before I get carried away with my story, my husband and I just hung 17 paintings at the Linda Vista Care Center, 135 Maple St. Ashland, OR.  If you happen to be in the area, I would like to invite you to take a look.  The paintings are in the front hall.

Getting to “Yes”.

To set the stage, so to speak, I’d like to relate a story I heard  this past year.  My husband and I were watching a documentary about the Wrecking Crew, some session musicians in Los Angeles during the 1960s.  At one point during the interview, the musicians were talking about being asked to play with various groups.  One musician remarked that his rule was to always say “yes”.  His biggest fear was not being asked to play.  He wanted to be the type of musician that people could rely on.

This particular musician’s attitude stuck in my head.  When someone asks me to show my work, I want to be able to say “yes”.

Easy to say, but I had to be prepared to execute my “yes” and show my work in a professional manner.

Prepare for opportunity
Sample Document Checklist

The Test.

This past week, my abilities were tested.  As the week began, I already had over half my framed paintings out showing in local venues.  I received two requests for artwork within hours of each other.  Both venues were new to me.  I quickly did a calculation of available paintings in my head, plus timing of shows, then replied “I’m interested; I need to see the venue please”.

Recon & Plan.

Seeing the venue before giving an unqualified “yes” is important to me.  I needed to see the actual number of paintings required.  My husband and I quickly drove out to the venues.  Upon return, I was able to give a solid “yes I’ll hang and these are the dates”.

My next course of action is to prepare the inventory listing and title cards for each venue.  I planned which paintings would go where and on what date.  I need to synchronize new venue hanging dates with end dates of venues where paintings are already hanging.  Its an out of one venue and into another sort of situation.  But I had a solid plan.

Quick Change!

Then, Monday, one of the venues had a problem.  They needed paintings a week early – or as soon as possible.  My solid plan needed to shift and quickly!  Wanting to keep to my “yes” attitude, I re-calculated my painting plan.  My personal priorities shifted and preparing the inventory documentation went to the top of my “A” list.

Monday was gathering paintings day.  I had paintings in two places and needed to consolidate.  Tuesday became preparing inventory documentation and title cards.  This morning we hung paintings.  Success!

Hanging Day Equipment Checklist -
Equipment Checklist

Prepare for Opportunity.

I have some things prepared that helped ensure I was successful.  They include a tool box with all my picture hanging equipment; a checklist of things to take on hanging day; and a master inventory I can work from to create documentation.  It still time consuming to create professional looking title cards tailored to the venue.  However, its much easier if you already have a database prepared.

The Point.

Oh, the point.  It has taken me time and experience to get to this point.  Last year, I might have said “no, I need more time to prepare”.  This year, it was “yes, I can do this!”.

So, yes, I’m savoring the step forward and a bit of success!

Oh, now, that’s enough…on to get the next show ready!


This is an Art 2 Business (A2B) venue.  Thank you A2B and Linda Vista for the opportunity.




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