"Just A Taste" Watercolor ©M Stermer-Cox Dancingclouds.com

“Just A Taste”, New Painting

Imagine going to an art walk, reception or opening event.  Paintings are your passion.

You are dressed with distinction and elegance.

You walk into the well lit gallery space.  You hear the sweet sounds of a string quartet playing Bach, Mozart or Vivaldi.  Or, perhaps classical guitar.

"Just A Taste" Watercolor Painting ©M Stermer-Cox  Dancingclouds.com

Stunning paintings are hung neatly.  You feel invited to wonder in, take a look and enjoy the visual feast.

Imagine there are graceful sculptures on fine pedestals.  Marble, wood, alabaster pieces silently filling the spaces.

Flowers discreetly decorate and accent the gallery space.  Delicate fragrances add to the inviting environment.

You take your time.  You linger as you view the colors and tones of the paintings on the walls.

Moving on back, you encounter a table of fine wine from your local vineyard and winery.

“May I pour you some wine?  We have a vintage Malbec…” you are asked by the winemaker.

“Just a taste, please”.

Walking to the right, you pass by an elegantly decked table.  Silver trays of canapés and hors d’oeuvre welcome you.

“May I interest you in something to eat?” you are asked by the hostess.

“Just a taste, please”.



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