Overcoming Inertia, Sketching Funky Fashion in Talent OR

Overcoming Inertia By Sketching “Funky Fashions”

How I Overcame Inertia

This is a story about overcoming inertia and taking action.

Have you ever had a moment where you finally overcame inertia?  You acted after thinking about something for, ummm, several months?  You finally do the thing you’ve been talking about doing but haven’t quite done yet?  I had such a moment a couple of days ago.  I overcame my inertia.  I finally walked out the house, down the street and plopped down to do a sketch of a place in my town.

I’d like to tell you my story.

Overcoming Inertia, Sketching Funky Fashion in Talent OR

Inspired by Urban Sketchers

Well, its just about as simple as that and a bit more complicated.  Early on in my art blogging career, I was introduced by other artists to the “Urban Sketcher” movement.  So cool!  I live in the Northwest and here was an exciting art movements with roots in Seattle.  And, its so simple.  I gotta do this.

At the time, I was living on the Washington coast in the rain and fog belt.  Ok, sometimes it was not rainy or foggy.  On those days, it was windy instead.  I evolved as a “studio” painter.  That is to say I draw and paint in my studio and not outside.

Its a Weather Issue, Don’t You Know

Fast forward some years and now I live in southern Oregon, in a small town called “Talent”.  How appropriate, yes?  Its a sweet little town, what you’d expect from a bedroom community between here and there.  More to the point, the weather is better.  We do have sunny weather and the type that enables one to get out of the studio and house; one can go draw outside.

The problem?  I’m now used to being a studio painter.  And, there are always “I gotta do” chores.  So, at the end of the day, I have yet to go outside to draw and paint.

But, I want to.  I want to go out and draw and paint.  I think it would be so much fun to explore Talent in this manner.

Commitment? Excuses?  A Call to Act!

Then, I watched Stefan Baumann’s video on commitment.  Pling!  Ding? Dong!  What’s my commitment level?  What’s stopping me?   Suddenly, the call to action in my brain was so strong it overcame inertia.  *You could say inertia is another word for excuses; you could say…

I pulled out my handy dandy watercolor tool box.  Then grabbed sunscreen, water, hat, stool and said “see you later” and out I went.

Sketching At “Funky Fashions”

Being the afternoon, I had to think of where the sun would be hitting.  Hmmm, what faces west.  Tada!  My neighbor’s consignment boutique  “Funky Fashions” faces west!  And the shop is just a few blocks away, an easy walk.

I found a place across the street from “Funky Fashions” and set myself up in the shade.  I thought I was pretty discreet.   I had been working a little while and, to my excitement, my neighbor walked out of her shop and sat on a bench.  She has a cushioned bench in front of her shop and this is the kind of town where you can sit there and take a break.

Not So Discreet — Not Hidden In Plain Site

I had not planned to put any people into my drawing, but, the opportunity was too good.  I quickly penciled in her shape.  As I was drawing, my neighbor looked up from the bench and said “Peggy, is that you?”  I guess I wasn’t as inconspicuous as I thought.

I went over to “Funky Fashions” after I was done for show & tell and a chat with my neighbor.

When I came home, I felt pleased to have taken step in overcoming the inertia that keeps me from painting outdoors.  Plus, I had a nice time.

Just Say “No” to Inertia…Embrace the Experience

As I said in the first sentence, this is about overcoming inertia.  In my studio, things are set up conveniently; I don’t have to think to hard, just plop down and get to work.   But, there is a world of things to experience.   And, sketching outside is something I want to learn how to accomplish.

Now that I live in an area where the weather is agreeable, its time for me to go an experience drawing the great out doors.

Post Scripts x3

PS.  “Funky Fashions” is a festive shop for women’s clothing.  The owner has a good sense for fashion and quality clothing.  I recommend it!

PS2.  By the way, I heartily recommend watching Stefan Baumann’s video on commitment.

PS3.  Gotta do this again!





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