Detail: MsKitty & Toy Pony in TopsyTurveyTulipLand

Festive Friday: TopsyTurveyTulipLand

Hi and Happy “Festive Friday!”

I have been taking on-line classes through The Art Students League of New York lately.  And, though I’ve been working, I’m not ready to share the new stuff. For example, this month has been a watercolor figure class and the results are rough.

So, what I decided that I would do instead is maybe start a “Festive Friday” series of posts.  That is, I’ll share a painting that I hope will make you smile.

Today’s “Festive Friday” is MsKitty and Toy Pony in TopsyTurveyTulipLand.

Festive Friday: MsKitty & ToyPony in TopsyTurveyTulipLand

This is one of a small series of paintings I did about MsKitty and Toy Pony.  This particularly painting was created in 2010.

You see, I had been working on still life series featuring each of these items separately (I do have a MsKitty figurine and a Toy Pony toy).  Then, an idea struck me.  How about I have MsKitty and Toy Pony go on an adventure?  So, one of the places they traveled to was TopsyTurveyTulipLand.  It’s a place with low gravity so everything floats around!

Here’s my artist’s statement about this painting:

“In this version of MsKitty and Toy Pony’s adventures, they’re off to neo-Art-Nouveau TopsyTurveyTulipLand.  It’s a place where gravity is askew and things float little.  Tulips and spirals dance and twirl amongst the dots and ribbons of colors.  In TopsyTurveyTulipLand, one can dream…or just be.”

I hope you can find MsKitty and Toy Pony among all that color and motion!

By the way, last week on Facebook and Instagram, I shared my first “Festive Friday”.  I thought it might be fun to share it here.  Sort of a “two-fer”.  It’s MsKitty and ToyPony again, playing tic-tac-toe, connect the dots, and checkers all at once!

Festive Friday: MsKitty & Toy Pony at playThanks!

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