Detail, Autumn In Lithia Park III

Autumn In Lithia Park III: A Walk In The Park

Greetings and Happy Autumn!

You see, here on the southwestern Washington coast, the leaves are starting to turn.  And, the breeze is just a bit cooler perhaps.  It feels like Fall.

So, while contemplating the change of the seasons, some of my earlier autumn-themed paintings popped in my head.

Autumn In Lithia Park III

Feeling inspired, I thought I would share with you “Autumn in Lithia Park, III”.  The watercolor painting is one of four I created with the theme of leaves, baby skinks (a type of lizard) and butterflies.

But, to me it’s about more than the individual elements.  You see, one Fall day my husband and I were walking through Lithia Park in Ashland OR enjoying the fine weather.  Suddenly, I began to notice that there were baby skinks everywhere amongst the leaves.  Then, I saw butterflies flitting around the leaf litter too!  Feeling inspired, I just had to commemorate the walk in paint.

Anyway, it was fun playing with the shapes and creating designs.

I hope you enjoy your fall day.

Warmest regards!

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