California Watercolor Association Exhibition: Detail, Three Minute Egg #14 - Blue Espresso Cup

California Watercolor Association’s 51st National Exhibition

Painting Selected For Exhibition.

Greetings!  I am thrilled to say that my watercolor painting “Three Minute Egg #14 – Blue Espresso Cup” was juried into the California Watercolor Association’s (CWA) 51st National Exhibition. The Juror of Selection was Mr. Frank Webb.  There were 650 entries and the Juror selected 97 paintings for the show.


I would like to say congratulations to my friends and colleagues whose paintings were also selected.  Good luck!

Online Exhibition Dates.

The dates of the exhibition are January 9th through February 27, 2021.  Because of COVID-19, the exhibition will be online.  When time gets closer to opening, I will publish more information about the exhibition, including where you can see the paintings.

California Watercolor Association Exhibition: Three Minute Egg #14 - Blue Espresso Cup

Second Time.

Incidentally, I have had the good fortune to be in a California Watercolor Associate exhibition before.  It was the 45th National Exhibition and my painting was titled “Just Sayin’…V8b”.  Just for clarification sake, the “V8b” was my of saying that it was the 8th design and second version in the “Just Sayin’…” series.

In any case, the CWA exhibition was a good experience that I am happy to repeat.

About The Painting.

This is my 14th painting in a series of paintings titled “The Three Minute Egg”.  The series is based on a still life arrangement that included eggs, egg cups and a kitchen timer.  For this particular painting, I added an espresso cup as it echos the shape of the egg.  Plus, I like espresso.  The defining moment for this piece was when I decided to make the espresso cup blue.  It makes the small cup seem more assertive.  Plus, it was a fun exercise in orchestrating blues – blue colors that is!


I would like to extend my deepest thanks to the Juror, Mr. Webb for selecting my watercolor painting. And, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all of the wonderful volunteers who are working so hard to produce this show.

4 thoughts on “California Watercolor Association’s 51st National Exhibition”

  1. Loni Lou Stoelting LaQuill

    Beautiful, so very proud of you. A wonderful accomplishment and I know hard work has been involved.

    1. Hi Loni Lou! Thank you! I appreciate your compliment. Painting is hard work, but it sure is nice when it all comes together! Again, thanks and I hope that you’re doing well!

  2. Peggy, your work is amazing! I love the colors, structure, composition. Congratulations to you and the other 96 entries to the show. I look forward to seeing it online in January!

    1. Thank you so much Dorothy! I am so glad that you enjoy the colors, structure and composition! That means a lot to me! It will be exciting to see all 96 paintings! Again, thanks!

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