Detail, "Spiral Gyre #2", Watercolor by Margaret Stermer-cox

“Spiral Gyre #2” In Montana Watercolor Society Online Show


I am happy to announce that my painting Spiral Gyre#2 is showing in the Montana Watercolor Society Signature Membership Online Show.

The Details.

This is the first time the Montana Watercolor Society (MTWS) is holding an online show of works by its signature members.  It is an honor and a pleasure to participate.  The show is on line from January 30th through to March 15th, 2024.  All paintings are for sale during the show through the MTWS show webpage.


I invite you to go to their website and check out all of the wonderful watercolor paintings in the show.  A slideshow of the paintings is at the bottom of the show’s page.  Featured on the website are the three award winning paintings and, my congratulations to the winners!  Plus, there is background on the Juror of Award, MTWS Signature Member artist Ms. Carol McSweeney.

Margaret Stermer- Cox, "Spiral Gyre #2"; watercolor
“Spiral Gyre #2” Watercolor

About Spiral Gyre #2.

While imagining my next painting, once again a spiral theme popped into my mind. I like the idea that life sometimes resembles a spiral. Much like a circle, it seems like we come to places that we have been to before.  However, because of time and experience, we do not come back to the same, exact point. Instead, we come to another point further on a huge spiral.

Thank You!

Thank you to the Montana Watercolor Society volunteers who made this online show possible.  I am grateful for all that you have done!


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  1. Super, Peggy!! Congratulations on being in the Montana Watercolor Society Signature show — that is wonderful. I alway appreciate any insight into your artwork, thank you for that 🙂 Dorothy

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