Watercolor Studies While Camping - Thumbnail of Bathhouse at Screaming Eagle Campground

Three Watercolor Studies Done While Camping

Greetings!  I hope this finds you enjoying your summer.

One think I enjoy doing is watercolor studies while my husband and I are out camping somewhere.  And, that’s what I want to talk about today.

From Classes To Traveling.

To explain, after spending several months concentrating on my online class with the Art Students League of New York, I am taking some months off.  That is from class only, but not from drawing or painting!

The reason behind the hiatus is that we (my husband and I) will be doing a little bit of traveling.  And, we were out camping the last week, enjoying some time out and about the Pacific Northwest.

Camp fire ring grate handle study - drawings from July 2023 camping trip

Drawing and Painting From Life.

Though I have been studying abstract painting, I never seem to be too far from drawing and painting from life.  So, as is my habit, while we were out on our adventures, I did some studies.  They are fun to do and I would like to share three of them with you.

Fire Ring & Grate.

One afternoon, for example, I was attracted to the handle on a fire ring grate.  In particular, I was interested in how the wire wrapped around the handle.   Out comes the paper, pencil and ink pens. The result, is posted above.

And, then, I thought, why not pull out the watercolor paper and do it again?

Watercolor studies: Campfire Ring And Grate, Cape Disappointment WA

Well, then, a handle needs context, so, the drawing expanded to include more of the fire ring.


Later on during our trip, I took some time to work again.  This time, I chose the RV park’s bathhouse.  I liked the simple perspective of the buildings.  And, naturally, capturing a bit of the light and shadow was a good thing.

Watercolor studies: Bathhouse, Screaming Eagle RV Park, Ocean City, WA. July 2023.

Simple Is Good.

So, I like these somewhat simple studies.  I see them as nothing particularly earth-shattering.  But, I think the time spent looking and seeing the world around me to be so worthwhile.

Warmest regards!


PS.  Happy #World Watercolor Month, July 2023

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