Just For Fun: The CowDude

Fun: It is About Drawing For The Joy Of It

Fun:  Something that brings pleasure, enjoyment or entertainment (noun).

Happy New Year!

Hi!  I realized a couple of days ago that I had yet to post to my blog this 2019!  Goodness gracious and happy new year!  And, why am I so slow?

Drawing Just For Fun: Ink and watercolor

Drawing Too Important To Be Fun?

I also had a thought that one of the reasons I’ve slowed down is that everything seems to be so important.  Or rather, I attach such a sense of importance to things like writing, drawing and painting, that I rarely allow myself a moment of fun.

Drawing For Fun: Three Characters

Doodle For The Fun Of It.

And, then, I thought, why not just doodle around for fun.  You know, like I did as a child.  How about you, did you ever just spend an afternoon drawing or painting just for the sheer pleasure?

Draw Like You Did When You Were 10 Years Old!

You see, when I was a kid, I used to draw for fun.  It was one of my main things to do.  That includes weekends, summers and whenever, I was usually drawing.  Even in school, from grade school on to college, I always drew in my notebooks.

Just For Fun: Well Now, Dude!

Give Yourself Five Minutes or Five Hours!

So, why not just doodle sometimes?  That is, take five minutes and play with a pencil on paper.  I am often delighted at the funny characters that dance across the page.

You Might Be Surprised!

And, then, go back to doing the hard work of developing skills and vision.  Now, the harder work of drawing and painting is more enjoyable.  My mind and heart are happy and ready to go!

Drawings From My Sketchbooks.

I thought I’d share some of my recent little doodle type drawings from a couple of my sketchbooks.  So, I selected a few of my favorites and posted them here.  Thanks!

It is about having fun: A page from my sketchbook, hands and yoga poses.


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