Freedom: Royal Pear Lavender Moon

Royal Pears: New Collector; Plus A Bit of Imagination, Freedom & Embracing Process

Sometimes its just about freedom and exploration; that is, taking a moment to release your inner adventurous spirit.

Freedom: Royal Pear Lavender Moon


Greetings!  I would like to share with you the story about my two Royal Pear watercolor paintings.  The smaller is the first version and a new friend and collector purchased it this week.

The Story.

One day I wondered what kind of wild, crazy pear I could draw.  What if the pear were sitting on a table at night, under a pale lavender moon?  Can you imagine?  And, what if it were a festive pear?  Come to think of it, what if it were a pear like one you’ve not seen before?

Be The Pear.

What does it mean to be the pear?  OK, just a bit of silliness but, what can I say about a pear that might be little bit different?

Still Life With Pear.

You see, pears are a favorite fruit that one sees in still life paintings.  They are beautiful and have a nice organic shape.  Come to think of it, they are not all that easy to paint.  You see, yes, I have drawn and painted pears in a more realistic manner and, in spite of their simple shape, it was challenging!

Freedom.  Imagination.

So, out came paper, pencil and imagination.  I just embraced the idea of festive but regal pears.  I freed myself to think “what if”…the light was from a lavender moon.  Then, there is the wonder of nature in general.  But, this is a painting from imagination and I can have fun.  Liberate yourself from the tyranny of the subject!

(OOPS, over-doing it again).

Embrace the Process.

In other words, I mean to allow myself to be free and enjoy the process.   Sometimes, an idea takes hold and it just must be done!  And so it was: a jeweled, festive, purple royal pear.

Freedom: Royal Pear

Thank You Art2Business.

Thank you to Wanda Pepin of Art2Business for helping my new collector contact me.  And, for the shows that help my work reach a larger audience!

Layaway Is An Option.

Speaking of the sale, I would like to share with you that this is the first time we are trying out the layaway option.  This is a service available to collectors.

Royal Pears.

Thank you!  I hope you enjoy the freedom of expression, that is to say the joy and exuberance of my two royal pears.




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