Persistence; More Stacked Espresso Cups

Persistence; Stacked Espresso Cups V2, Day 28 of #30paintingsin30days Challenge

Persistence; that is to say sticking with this challenge to the end!

Gray Day; Stacked Espresso Cups.


Persistence; More Stacked Espresso Cups

I sit here in my studio/kitchen/office and wonder what I might write today.  And, as I look out across the valley, its a beautiful gray day.  You see, a dusting of snow enhances the topography of the hills.

Words of Wisdom?

Thinking about the day I wonder, what words of wisdom can I offer?  Are there any stories left for me to tell?  After a month of blogging most days, what do I have to say?  Hmmm, how about meaning in my paintings…is there meaning?

Plunk.  Persistence.

And, then, the word “persistence” plunks down in my head.  With a thud, no less.  However, I think that’s a good word for today.  Plus, it fits the little study of stacked espresso cups.

You see, I stubbornly pursue drawing and painting; that’s what I’m being persistent about.  To explain, I continue to produce work featuring espresso or cappuccino cups.  My inner doubting voice is saying “haven’t you had enough?”  No, I think not.

Understanding Form.

Rather, I’m searching for understanding rather than keeping track of how many coffee cups I’ve drawn or painted.   Plus, change the context, change the meaning!  In this case, context is how the subject is portrayed in the composition.  That is to say, what color, size, location, etc., in the painting.

Painting Is About Thinking.

Hmm, thinking again.  You see sometimes, or rather most of the time, studio work is not particularly exciting…at least to the casual observer.  The drama builds slowly on the paper.  And, in my mind’s dialog.  So, the great insight that will help solve all my problems, much less the world’s problems hides in the gray.  Perhaps it doesn’t exist.

Persistence Is Good.

But, I persist!  And, that is a good thing.  You see, I go to my easel and try again and again.  And, even though each time I look, frown, draw, paint, and look some more; sometimes I smile.  Even better, sometimes I am astonished.


After “persistence” the word “meaning” butts into my mind’s dialog.  I would love to say that all my work is imbedded with deep meaning.  Wouldn’t that be marvelous?  What is more likely is that meaning is elusive; the work is about the work.


So, here I am, looking across the valley on a gray day and I’m thinking about persistence.

Then, I finish my coffee and, don’t you know it, on to the next one!



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