MO: Water Pitcher From Life

Finding My “MO”; 3 Studies : Days 24, 25 & 26 of #30paintingsin30days

MO:  Modus Operandi, that is to say one’s artistic style or approach.

Three Challenge Paintings.

MO: Water Pitcher From Life
Day 26 of #30paintingsin30days

Greetings!  Its Day 26 of the #30paintingsin30days challenge hosted by Leslie Saeta Studios.

With today’s painting I’m including the work from the last two days.  And, as I look at the paintings and see the different styles, I wonder about my approach or “modus operandi” to painting.

Why Care About MO?

That is to say, why do I care about my MO?  On the one hand, the visual arts are about communicating.  If I am trying to communicate to you a certain artistic vision, you may find it confusing if my style is inconsistent.  Put another way, you may wonder if I have found my artistic voice.

I have read and heard that galleries look for coherence in a body of work presented by an artist.   Simply stated, people want to be able to recognize an artists work by their MO.

MO: Pears From Life
Day 25 of #30paintingsin30days

One Artist; Two Styles.

So, what does this have to do with today?

I present three studies, two of which appear more naturalistic or life like than the third.  The third study is more abstracted and the color palette is a different key.

With that in mind and if you did not know me, would you think that the three different paintings came from the same person?

It occurred to me that my approach involves both from life and from imagination and memory.   That is, I need both inputs to be able to do the work I like.  Plus, I like both modes!

You, The Viewer.

So, what does this have to do with you?

If you are a person who loves art and enjoy looking at artwork, what do you see?  Do you consider the two approaches at all?  Do you prefer one to the other?   Or, rather, is it just a matter of context?  Or, maybe something entirely different?  Even still, do you have such a kind of quandary in your own work?

You, The Artist.

If you are an artist, have you found your own MO?  Or, are you still searching?

MO: Frothing Pitcher and Cappuccino Cup
Day 24 #30paintingsin30days

The Search & Challenge Continue!

And, maybe its the search that’s most telling!

With that, onward to day 27!

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