Surprise! Frothing Pitcher & Espresso Cups

Surprise! Frothing Pitcher & Espresso Cups; Day 22 of #30paintingsin30days Challenge.

Surprise – as in something unexpected.

Different Intentions…

Greetings!  Yes, today’s painting is a bit of a surprise to me!

To explain, my intention was to create a painting with my frothing pitcher, espresso cup and timer.  I had an image in my mind as I started drawing with the paint brush on my paper.

Surprise! Frothing Pitcher & Espresso Cups

Surprise!  What’s This?

After a short while, I noticed an image emerging on the paper that I was not expecting.

You see, I was accidentally painting a soft edge composition that looked kind of nice.

Hmmm.  It had potential, I’m thinking.  Can I bring this surprise “home”, that is –  to completion?

To Keep Working Or Finish?

As you might imagine, I was in a quandary; I didn’t want to over-work and destroy this unexpected painting.  How to keep it fresh?

Do you know what saved the process?  The knowledge that I can do another one!

So, I did as little as possible to finish in order to bring the painting to a “finished” state.  Or, more accurately, a state that I would like to leave the painting in for further contemplation.

Lessons Learned.

Surprisingly enough, there are some lessons to be learned with today’s composition.

  • Be mindful and watch as your work unfolds; sometimes surprises happen!
  • Be willing to allow intuition guide your process; you might be delighted.
  • Be willing to stop where you are and to start another painting; sometimes you end up with two paintings instead of one!
  • Be willing to paint lots of paintings; you just might amaze yourself and others!

In the end. I liked today’s study, though I hesitate to call it a “break through” just yet.

However, the painting points to a new avenue of discovery.  That is to say, a more fuzzy and moody approach to painting.  And, isn’t that one of the benefits of a challenge like this?

To explain, by doing lots of studies in a short amount of time, eventually something surprising might happen!  And, isn’t that great?

Where’s the Center of Interest?

I am referring to yesterday’s article about center of interest.  In theory, some of these composition ideas ought to be cumulative!

So, what area in the painting looks like the center of interest or focal point to you?  I have in mind a certain location but am wondering if it reads the same to you.  If you would like,  please leave me a comment with the location that draws your attention.  Thanks!

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