Blue: Espresso Timer V2

Blue! Day 20: Espresso Time-R V2; #30paintingsin30days

Cool blue; too much of a good thing?

Day 20: Its Blue-ish!

Blue: Espresso Timer V2

Greetings!  Its day 20 of the #30paintingsin30days challenge.  At the moment, I’m looking at today’s piece and its mainly blue.  You see, I’m wondering, am I going through a “blue period”?

It is February after all and here in southern Oregon, the days are cold.  So, perhaps there is a reason for all this cool, dark blue.

And, as I write this blog post, I’m listening to the blues of Jimi Hendrix.  Definitely a blue state of mind!


Do you recognize the set up from two days ago, Day 18?  In any case, the set up for today’s still life is mainly black, gray and white.  But, it takes a lot of color to paint something black, gray and white.

For example, I like to mix my dark and black colors.  You could say that for most of my colors: when working with acrylic I’ve been mixing lots!  Colors straight from the tube can be harsh or garish.  Therefore, I think its best to modulate the color somewhat.

Back to today’s still life, I knew I wanted a yellowish warm, sort of like the light from the lamp I’m using.  Being that the compliment of yellow is violet or purple, I mixed magenta with Prussian blue.  Can you tell?  Neither can I!

Me thinks that the Prussian blue over-powered the magenta.

Ah, well, the contrast works.  PLUS, I can always do it again.

Regarding The Studies.

I have in the back of my mind that I will be working a new series after this challenge is done.  However, these cappuccinos, espressos and timers may all figure in.  I’m contemplating!

You may recall, for example, that I completed the first version of “Espresso Time-R” back in November.  Lots of contemplation, don’t you think?  As you might imagine, it was blue too.  Hmmmm!

I do like the color.

Plus, I find drawing and painting cups from life difficult.  So, I’m working on the things that are hard for me!  The good part is that I surprise myself when the results look like a cup!

Ten More Days!

Here we are, then, Day 20!  Just ten days left in this challenge.  Add the previous 31 day challenge, its been quite the work out!

‘Til tomorrow!






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