Watercolor & Ink

Japanese Choir Girls, Watercolor and Ink

watercolor and ink
Watercolor & Ink
Robert Bateman Cover Series Notebook

I have been working with watercolor and ink lately.  I find it enjoyable and I have a little project stirring in the back of my head: daily studies in watercolor and ink.

This week being Christmas week, I thought I’d do some red and green studies.  This one if of a pair of Japanese wooden souvenirs.  They were given to me by my sister many years ago.  My sister was a foreign exchange student to Japan at the time.  I have held on to them all these years.

I figure by the expressions on their face that they might be choir singers.  Their neck ribbons are painted red and green.  Maybe they’re supposed to be Christmas choir singers.  🙂

Inspired by a blog post by James Gurney, I reduced the study to essential two tones – light and dark.  In the article, Mr. Gurney takes the study a step further, reducing everything to black or white.  Its most effective and I think I’ll try the subject again!

Please enjoy!

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