Talent Cafe: Day 10 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days

New (Real) Talent Cafe

I thought I’d clarify, this is the NEW Talent Cafe!  (They call themselves the “Real” Talent Cafe).

Old (Original) Talent Cafe

On August 31st, I posted an article called “Drawing Talent: Joe Dunbar Designs & Talent Cafe” . You see, the building depicted in the watercolor study was the old, original Talent Cafe. It was the Talent Cafe of my husband’s youth.

Talent Cafe

But, that Talent Cafe went on into the memory books.

Now, Talent has a NEW Talent Cafe!  New building, new location, new owners, new everything but the name.

Lots of Customers

And, let me tell you, they have a lot of customers!  I’ll explain.

Empty Parking Lot

I walked down to the Talent Cafe’s location late this morning. The parking lot was somewhat empty. I was looking for a place to sit that might offer a view with nice light and dark contrast.

Seeing that the parking lot was almost empty, I thought it wouldn’t matter if I set up in a parking space.  But, I hesitated because I’m not particularly familiar with this cafe.  I decided to set up in the weeds just outside of the parking lot.

Last Place Taken – OOPs

Picture this, I’m busy sighting, drawing lines, splashing paint, focusing on my work, not paying attention to the parking lot.  Slowly, the parking lot fills up until the last slot is taken!  OOPS! The last slot was right in front of me and my view was blocked. This is a busy place!

Busy Place

You might not realize that this is a popular cafe; I certainly didn’t! It’s in a small “strip mall”. The backside of the building faces a major road, highway 99 or the Pacific highway.  This is the part I usually see. All the parking is around front so you don’t see how much business the cafe receives. And, its busy!

Good Espresso

Personally, I have only been to the cafe once.  I had a cup of espresso and it was good.  After seeing today’s busy parking lot, maybe I’ll have to try it again!

Update:  Thank you!

I received an enthusiastic email from the owner of the Talent Cafe and I feel honored.  She is an artist herself, working in acrylic paint.  Inside the cafe the walls are decorated with her own, original artwork.  Thank you Ms. Obrien, I feel honored!


2 thoughts on “Talent Cafe: Day 10 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days”

    1. Hi Pam, Yes, we could go have some coffee or something at the wonderful Talent Cafe! It is cozy inside. Hmm, just had a thought, I’ll have to draw the inside one day, perhaps when the weather is bad.

      Thanks for the compliment regarding my story. Your story telling inspires me to work on mine!

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