Day Two of 30 Paintings in 30 Days: Wavy Hair

Day Two:  Lady With Wavy Hair

Hair; aren’t our attitudes about it interesting?  This lady’s hair reminds me of 1950 styles.  Plus, for those of us who lived through it, the 60s saw quite the experimentation in hair for men.  What are your thoughts?

Lady with Wavy Hair

We link thoughts about who we are to our hair.  For example:

        • Hair gives an indication of our overall health, fitness and age
        • We hint at our personality through our hair style
        • We have cultural stereotypes based on hair, for example intelligence and blonde hair
        • We cut, curl and color it, though I keep mine long, natural and braided

I have wavy hair, maybe this is a self portrait?  In this portrait, I think the curves of the hair emphasize her femininity and soften the angles of the portrait.

Personal Story Time

When I was in the military, I remember having a discussion with my Sergeant Major.  The sergeant major had been in the Army many years and I had only been in two or three.  He mentioned women’s hair length and said that one day I would understand why military women wear their hair short.

Sergeant Major was usually right about things, but on this he failed.  I never quite figured out what he was talking about.  Military women wear their hair various lengths, but in a traditional, conservative manner.

On to day three of thirty paintings in thirty days!



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