Angel of the Deep On Display

Angels Show.

I’m pleased to say my latest watercolor and gouache painting “Angel of the Deep”  will join other artworks in the Fourth Annual Angels Show at GoodBean Coffee in Jacksonville OR for the month of December.  GoodBean Coffee is located at 165 S Oregon St in historic Jacksonville, OR.

Angel Of The Deep by M. Stermer-Cox

About the Show.

Hosted by GoodBean Coffee Company, Hannah West Designs and Southern Oregon Artists Resource, the Angels Show features artwork by local artists using a variety of media.  You are invited to see the display of fine art daily during normal business hours (6am to 6pm).

Opening Reception.

The show’s special opening reception is on Saturday, December 3rd, from noon to 4pm.  If you are in the area, your are heartily invited to come in and join in the festivities.  You will be able to meet many of the artists while enjoying stories of angels and, naturally, the artwork.

Angels Show Quote by Hannah West

About My Mermaid-Angel.

I created my mermaid-angel design just for fun.  To explain, I enjoy seeing what my imagination can come up with once an idea pops into my head.  I have a dialogue, so to speak, with my pencil, paper and paint.  We work together until the crazy idea of a mermaid-angel starts to take shape. And, the more I think about my subject, the mermaid-angel in this case, stories form in my head.

Consider this, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to be at home at sea or in the air; to swim, or fly?  My mermaid-angel can move between air, land and water, which I think would be exciting.

And, what would a mermaid-angel do?  I think of my mermaid-angel as an empathetic care-taker and protector of the oceans and all the sea creatures.  I can see her helping turtles, dolphins and other animals caught in nets, for example.

A Little About the Painting.

This is one of the few paintings I’ve done where I use gouache along with watercolor.   I had a moment of inspiration, a “what if I do this” moment.  So, I pulled out a tube of gouache and started painting away.  Fun!

For those of you not familiar with gouache, it is an opaque watercolor and mixes well with “regular” transparent watercolor.  I used it on the wings and on the figure’s skin.

Oh, yes, I framed the painting and you may purchase my mermaid-angel during the show for $275.  Happily.  *Update!  My “Angel of the Deep” is sold!  Thank you Hannah West and GoodBean Coffee!  (Woohoo!)


Please Stop By.

I do hope you will stop by the Good Bean Coffee this December and see all the festive angels.  I’m closing with the official publicity poster for the Angels Show.  Thank you Hannah West for permission to include the poster!

Angels Show